Field Trips

My Fred is going on a field trip today. It’s two hours from our town. I know they are going to have a lot of fun. I’m just feeling a little sad that I won’t be able to go with them. My boss was very supportive and told me to take the day off to tag along, but that won’t work. They won’t be getting back to our town until 4:30, so someone has to be here to get Bam from school. I gave him a camera and told him to come back with some really good pictures, and lots and lots of stories. The Boy loves to journal so I’m sure this will give him lots of writing material!

As he is getting ready and his excitement is filling the house, I’m remembering the field trips we used to take in school. It was a third grade tradition to go to Boise, to tour the State Capitol Building. Since I had to retake third grade I was lucky enough to go twice! (hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20, right) The excitement of going sooooo far from home, with out mom or dad, the bus ride with all your friends, the sack lunch in the park, the beauty of the state building that seemed larger than life, the important aura in the building, that we all felt, even at such a young age. And the fun part of the trip after the Statehouse. The first year we went to the zoo, and the second year was  to the Discovery Center. The long bus ride home; still so excited, yet tired and ready to be home. The getting home after school was already out and the feel of our small town at that time of day. Ohhhh the fun we had. Such wonderful memories that I still have and cherish 20 years later! I am so glad Fred gets to go on this field trip to make his own memories!  He’ll be just fine without me there.  The real question is: Will I do fine without me there!


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