I think that is a perfect title for this post. I have successfully neglected this blog for 3 months! I have realized that I am a bit of a blogging perfectionist. I wasn’t aware that one could suffer from such a thing, but look what I proved! Certainly an award is in order!! I have typed up our trip to Seattle. It’s sitting in a word document. But I still need to clean it up a bit. It seems sloppy. And while other events happened, Christmas, New Years, plays, soccer, quiz meets, and a whole lot of laughs, I couldn’t post them because I was so hung up on getting the Seattle post done. Unfortunatly though, I  just never have enough time or gumption, therefore all the other wonderful things that have happened got forgotten, and not posted. So here is to turning over a new leaf. Not getting hung up on the ‘right’ way to blog, and journaling my life. If I get behind, I will live. Life will indeed go on. No need to ignore it! Here’s hoping I can be a better blogger!!


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