Their Just…… Boys

I love how my boys love the outdoors. They are so active and their imaginations are perfectly wild! We went down to my sisters for Thanksgiving, and all they wanted to do was be outside.  I honestly have stopped telling them to not climb. It is a waste of my precious time and breath.  I’m sure this annoys other people to death.  Actually, I’m positive it does.  After dinner we took a short walk to the river, you know, to make room for dessert!  The boys were so happy. They could have skipped dessert if it meant staying there a little longer.  Running, jumping, climbing, exploring, inventing new characters to be. They just love it there. The English language doesn’t have the words fully express how much they enjoy their time outside…. especially when water in involved!  If they are anything like their father this love will follow them into adulthood.  I love to be out there too, but at the end of the day, I’m ready to return to my house and relax.  Not those three. They could pitch a tent and live happily ever after, out in the outdoors. It makes my heart happy to see them in their ‘natural habitat’.


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