Bible Quizzing

****WARNING: Bragging Mother Post Ahead!!!****

Last year Fred tried out Bible Quizzing. He was very hesitant, but we told him if he absolutely hated it we would never ever say the word quizzing ever again. He ended up loving it. This year both the boys are doing it. We were going to make Bam wait until 3rd grade, but our church has an awesome 1-2 grade team. The young ones have the same questions and everything.  They had their first quiz meet of the year this weekend. They both did a great job. They are very good study buddies. And it is all them. We do not sit with them or make them do any of their homework. It is all self guided. 

1stquizzing09 (10)
During the meet they have a few breaks. It’s hard to sit still for 48 questions! It’s even hard for the parents. It ends up taking about 1.5-2 hours.

1stQuizzing09 (2)
Fred’s team got 2nd place out of, I believe 40. Bam’s team got 8th place, but no trophies for that. Maybe next time.

1stQuizzing09 (7)
They were so proud of themselves and each other. They both got perfect on their 20 memory verses.


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