Corn Maze

Believe it or not, but this is the first year we have gone to the corn maze.  The boys and I went last week with the preteen Sunday school class, but Jason was unable to meet us there. So we went this week. We have gone  to pumpkin patches, and straw mazes before, but never the corn maze.  The boys and I had bought pumpkins earlier in the day while we were grocery shopping, so we just went on the tractor ride for fun.  We were going to do the scary maze, but that was before we were told it cost more money, so we just stuck with the tried and true unscary maze! We gave the flash light to the boys and let them lead. They did a great job. It only took us about 15-20 minutes. Of course since tomorrow is Halloween, the path was pretty worn down and obvious, but whatever, they got us through.  They took turns holding the light.  Jason kept trying to fall back and cut around to scare them, but it really was too busy.  So I just told them someone had been murdered in the corn field.  They laughed and said I was lying, but before they went to bed, Bam told me I sacred him! Bad mom award!  After a good game of hide and seek in the straw maze, some posed pictures, one where Bam dropped the camera taking a (blurry) photo of Jason and me, and some fresh doughnuts we headed home so the boys could get a good nights sleep for their last soccer game. All of this after it snowed yesterday, today was almost a perfect fall day! They are beyond excited for trick or treating tomorrow. I’ll bet it has nothing to do with going to Nana & Papa’s house. But it probably does.

Linder30Oct09 (22)
Some nice man realized he bought to many glow sticks so he gave one to the boys.

Linder30Oct09 (10)
Bam found a good hiding spot, then Daddy found him and pulled him out.

Jason was laying down hiding when Fred came around the corner. When Jason took the picture his breath made this cool fog effect!


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