Old Buildings

Jason and I just love old buildings. We love the way they look, the way they feel. I dream about the stories they hold. I wish I knew all of the stories.  We love to go for drives and look at all the dilapidated old houses and barns. We don’t always have to drive far either. I also love the buildings of old downtown. Any downtown, I don’t care where it is! So many people are so quick to tear down ‘some old house/building’ just to build a new, usually unnecessarily too big new and improved building. If only more people were willing to put the same amount of time into repairing what we already have, our economy would be in better shape. We wanted to buy an older house so bad. But at the time, the market didn’t want us to own one, so we built a new one instead.  It still saddens us to know that we could have an older house. Maybe one day, but I guess by then, this house will be older! This 4th of July weekend we went on a drive and got some good photo’s of what we think are stories waiting to be told. Some are less obvious, and some are blaring, but either way they are just waiting for you to quiet yourself long enough to listen.


4July09 (21)


4July09 (5)

3Julu09 (33)

3Julu09 (23)


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