This year we went to my sisters house for our vacation.  Her property in Rupert boarders a state park, so there was a lot to do.  We had free room and board and all I needed to do was help Jenny with her VBS.   We took our camera but we were a little lazy on taking pictures.  It was a very nice and relaxing week.  It was cut a little short, though.  Jason’s aunt was very ill and in the hospital in Florida, so we left a day early so we could get Jason to the airport for his flight.  Nothing very exciting happened on our trip, only good times with family, so I’ll just post some highlight photo’s.

RupertVaca (2)

Fred climbing during his cousins t-ball game.

RupertVaca (6)

We went fishing but never caught anything.

RupertVaca (12)

But it was great practice for casting.

RupertVaca (27)

And good cousin time.  These boys (minus one who stayed home to nap) played nonstop the entire week.

RupertVaca (59)

We went on a lot of walks.  The scenery was so beautiful.  Bug spray was essential on all of these walks.

RupertVaca (25)

It was even nice when the clouds rolled in and it cooled off and threatened to rain.

RupertVaca (58)

The boys approved of this years vacation and we are all excited to start planning for next year!


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