Busy Spring

As usual our spring has been very busy. Not a single day on the calendar was blank!  It’s fun and exciting to stay so active, but it is very draining at the same time. Since I’m not a spring blogger, I thought I should consolidate it all down to one entry. You know to keep everyone from being bored to death.  I would hate to be the cause of such an unfortunate event!

22may09 (3)
First, Bam went on his first ‘real’ field trip. That’s what he called it because he went on a bus, and it wasn’t just to the local civic center. We went to the zoo. He loved looking out the window, being so high up. He could see the truck drivers! He sang to himself most of the way. I’m so glad I got to be a part of that. I just happened to get done with work the day before!

24may09 (15)
Fred turned 9 this May. All my family came up for Memorial Day, so we celebrated his birthday a day early. He was overjoyed to be turning 9. One more year ’til double digets. That’s all I was hearing from that child! I am so blessed and greatful that God has chosen me to be this boys mother. He is really amazing. I love him more than any words would ever do justice to.

Fred was also in a church play. It was called Camp Wallaballa. The bus broke down on the way to church camp, and all the kids had to rely on God for all their problems. It was super cute. He did a really good job. My batteries died so I wasn’t able to get all of his parts on video, but I was able to squeeze in a few photo’s.

lastday (2)

lastday (79)
The last day of school is Field Day. Jason was able to attend this year, so I put him to work on camera duty. I am so glad I did too! I am never able to get pictures because I’m always working a station. While I was working the water balloon toss, Jason followed the boys around and got some awesome shots. Bam was beyond excited to finally be able to participate! Fred won his classes sack race. Jason got this on video, so no pictures. Luckily for me this station was close to mine, so I was able to cheer him on! Bam is very much like his mother so this day was just a wonderful exuse to be social!

Cascade (5)
After field day we went out to lunch, and then Jason was off to Cascade for a fishing retreat. He didn’t catch anything, but he came home refreshed and rested. He had a good time, which make me very please. While he was gone the boys and I went to go see ‘Up’. Cute cute movie.

And finally, this Monday, Jason and I celebrated 11 years if marriage bliss. Ok well not all 4015 days have been bliss, but it’s been prety darned close! Fred was our anniversary photographer.  He did a good job!

That wraps up our busy spring. Typing it up it suddenly doesn’t seem so busy! But I guess I was just hitting on the main points. Summer break has begun and the pace of our lives has definatly slowed to a crawl. Now it’s all about enjoying every second before we are all wisked away, back into the busy schedule of the next school year.


2 thoughts on “Busy Spring

  1. Happy Anniversary! I miss seeing you around. The busiest part of our summer is just starting, so I probably won’t be able to catch up until mid-July. We’ll have to plan a ladies coffee night before school starts again. See ya! Happy blogging.

  2. Yes a coffee night is a great idea. Or a coffee morning, or a coffee afternoon……. I’m up for anything!

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