Spring has been keeping us busy once again.  I love spring.   It always has something happening.


We are redoing our back yard and garden.  We built some garden boxes for our veggies, though I’ll probably throw some flowers in there too.  So far I have potatoes planted. I have tomatoes and peppers started in the house.  I had some lettuce, but I think some little fingers were involved in trying to make them stand up straight, and now I have no more lettuce.  Poor little lettuces.   We are also replanting our grass.  It was sad looking and we needed to do some serious rock removal. That’s what’s in the white bucket. The rest are all piled on the side of the yard.  I have no explanation for the flower pot.  I put it away after I took some pictures.  Please ignore it.  That’s what I’m trying to do, but I’m failing. 


Java had his 11 year birthday. We didn’t get him his traditional pig’s ear or raw hide this year. Why? Because he’s 11 and his digestive track is too. Yuck. He got his daily milk bone instead. He’s so spoiled!


Then my poor little Bam got a tummy bug. He got to stay home the next day, but he didn’t get to enjoy it as he was still feeling icky until late afternoon. For some reason when any of the three boys in my house get sick they always sleep on the bathroom floor. Please ignore it. That’s what I’m trying to do, but I’m failing. 


Jason took the boys camping, but he forgot to take the camera that I put right next to his pile of gear.  Luckily Fred remembered to take his little disposable camera. He has a few pictures left before we can take it into to get developed.  I hear they had a great time, and they are already planning for the next trip. I am so glad they had so much fun, but I was ridiculously lonely. But they had so much fun, I’ll let them go and keep my mouth closed. 

All these plus the normal spring business has been keeping us, well, busy!  I really do love spring.


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