Easter 2009

This year Easter was a little different.  Well it was a lot different. First of all we were at my parents house instead of here at home. It was the first Easter we spent somewhere else.  Saturday after the boys soccer game we headed out.  We got to my hometown just in time for my nieces birthday party. She turned 3 on tax day. That was my grandmother’s birthday too. She had a funny joke about that.  It was a fine birthday party and like any good auntie, I forgot to take pictures. I have no idea how this happened, other than after 2 hours of soccer and another 2 hours of driving, my brain was mush.  This sounds like a good enough excuse to use.

Then Easter morning we went to church service with my sister.  We are Protestant, my sister is Catholic.  It was quite different, and it started VERY early. So no family picture this year on Easter morning. I will have to take one some other morning…. we’ll pretend that it’s Easter! 10 years from now, no one will ever know the true story. Except for you because I just told you.  After the service my sister’s friends invited us over for breakfast. It was a very nice visit, with great conversation plus homemade waffles and strawberries while listening to the boys laughing and playing with the cousins equals singing in my heart. We got back to Nana and Papa’s house and the daddies went and hid the eggs.



We got some funny pictures of the cousins, some were happy, some crying,  and some just not paying attention.

After evaluating their loot we took the boys over to Shoshone Falls.  I grew up with the falls being right there and being able to go see them whenever, but my boys have never seen them! This is an absolute tragedy to me. The falls do not fall all year round. This is because there is a dam upstream that holds the water all winter, then they let it go when they know they have enough for all the irrigating for the summer. Easter weekend was the first weekend that the falls were flowing. It was busy but as usual it was beautiful. Breathtaking beautiful, even though I have seen it a million times. Perhaps even more so because I was seeing it with my kids for the first time.


It still brings tears to my eyes. Is is even possible to look at this magnificent falls and NOT see the power and awe of The Lord? Look he even puts a rainbow in it!  What a beautiful Easter treat to us! He has risen indeed!!



I can not wait until we get Fred’s little disposable camera to see it through his eyes. They loved it.

After the falls we headed over to my brother’s house for some a yummy Easter dinner. My bother had smoked a turkey and it was delish!  YUM! Then before we headed back home to get those boys in bed for school the next day we headed over to the park by his house to let the kids run around. My children climbed trees instead. Of course.



That was our 2009 Easter.  A little different than our traditional Easter but one that I will treasure forever!


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