New Clock

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had went shopping, and then promised to post pictures. I am just now getting around to coming through with that promise.  I  went to a local decor store that is only open one day a week.  I have been to this store quite a few times, but this is the first time I have actually walked away with anything. I’m a VERY picky shopper. If  I don’t absolutely love something, I will not buy it.  It drives Jason insane, but he understands. He doesn’t like to look at something he only kind of likes either. We also don’t like knowing we spent precious money on a ‘kind of like’.   So, when I saw this clock and I fell in love, I knew I needed to purchase it. Immediately. SO I did and I got the last one of the day!!  Hooray!   It was exactly what I was looking for for this space.  The space above my cupboards in my kitchen.



I still don’t know what I want for the other wall. It may be 4 years before I ever find what I want.  I’m sure I can wait.


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