Laundry is such a necessary evil. Mostly because dirty clothes small bad and look icky.  I used to be very good at laundry. This was about 10 years ago when we lived in university housing and had to use the laundry room.  I had my laundry routine down to a science. I only did laundry once a week but it worked. I have to remind myself that it was laundry for only 2 people. And we both wore uniforms to work.  After Fred was born I went through a laundry melt down. How in the world can an 8 pound baby triple our daily laundry??  It was insane.  After a while I got used to it. Staying home  and owning a home with a washer and drier allowed me to do my laundry at a more leisurely pace. Then Bam Bam came, and once again a little 8 pounds went though laundry like it was air.  Just like after Fred, I fell into a new routine.  For 5 years this worked. Of course there were ups and downs as life caused my laundry motivation to slump.  This annoys me to no end.  I want my laundry washed, folded, and put away.  BUT– I don’t always want to be the one to do it! Once I started working there was no laundry routine.  Actually there were no routines at all there for a while.  I soon figured it out, and as a family we get through all of our chores. I love that the boys are old enough to help out with stuff around the house. They seem to be more aware of messes if they are the ones who just helped clean the room. I’ve had to let go of  A LOT of my perfectionistic ways.  But, one that gets me every time, and I just can’t let go is this:laziness

I sit and fold these clothes and they sit. And sit. And sit.  I stack them in piles for everyones convenience. I have tried to fold in the laundry room, and well that just is not going to happen. I hate it and it makes me want to scream being stuck in that tiny room alone. I enjoy folding clothes while watching tv. I just do. I can’t change that, but sometimes, I just want my couch back, you know what I mean?  Someone tell me I’m not alone in this.  Please.


4 thoughts on “Laundry

  1. I fold my laundry on my bed, because the laundry room is right across the hall. It gets left and sits and sits…and then it is bedtime and it gets moved to the floor for the night. Then, the next day I move it back to my bed so that I see it…sometimes. And, well, sometimes, I go through that cycle AGAIN and AGAIN…until someone runs out of something and then starts digging and messing up the piles…and then I go crazy! Katelyn is getting old enough to help put their clothes away, so that helps. Do not worry, you are not alone in this!

  2. Unfortunately too often my laundry piles up on top of the dryer because I, too, hate to fold laundry. These days, I can honestly say I have trouble finding time to do it. By the way, we might possibly have the same couch.

  3. My ottoman is often held hostage for a couple of days as the kids piles sit and sit. Finally, when mom can’t stand it or my nephew decides he wants to “help” I will then let out the mother bellow and insist the girls get it put away. Then there is the situation of how the drawers look in their rooms as they quickly stuff the clean, folded goods in them… ughhh….

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