Last year I posted about lent.  To sum it up quickly, I did terribly. I think the reason I did do so poorly was because I did to much. So this year I’m going to try again, but with a different mind set. Not how much can I sacrifice to ready my heart for Easter, but how can I truly sacrifice?   As I was deliberating this decision I got to thinking about  my New Years goals.  Those goals I set for myself are hard for me. Really hard.  So, I know that if I were to focus for a forty-day long time period on ONE thing, that would be a serious sacrifice for me.  SOOOOOO I have decided that I will give up all pop for 40 days.  FORTY DAYS!!!!   OH MY GOSH.  This is going to be hard.


I love the contents of this little can so much. Better yet I LOVE it when it comes from the fountain at a gas station.

Dear Pepsi, I will miss you,but you need to go away for 40 days, and then after that you only need to visit every so often.  But always remember that I love you.

PS: Your so much better than Coke. Period. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.


One thought on “Lent–2009

  1. YOU GO GIRL!!! I was considering giving up fountain soda for Lent but I knew I was going to give up sweets so I am going to cut my fountain soda habit down to once or twice a week, which is where I want it but I seem to cheat with the Chevron right down the street. Good Luck!

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