A Love Story– Part 5.5

I spent the day after Valentines Day nursing a huge hangover. By Monday I was feeling better and headed of to school.  It had become my daily habit to arrive at school a little early so I could check my email. This day was no different. As the computer warmed up and logged on I was feeling a lot better than I had on Saturday night. My pity party was over. As my inbox was opening I saw that I had an email from Jason. He had send it at 3:30 Friday night.  I had checked my email last at about 3:20,  just 10 minutes before he sent his. I clicked on it and read. I was stunned into a stupor. I think I must have read it 10 times before it sunk in.  He has said that if I were to get stood up on Saturday and I was alone in another town, he wanted me to call him and he would come get me. I had no idea what to think. What did that mean? Was he serious? What about La Femme Nikita?  What was he talking about?  I think I retained no educational information for the rest of the day.


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