A Love Story–Part 5

**I know it has taken me awhile to write the next installment of our story, but we are getting close to the part that I’m not so proud of.  But you know I’ve done a lot of things that make me cringe and want to forget about.  But I know that Jesus can forgive a whole lot of things, and he has. So I will finish telling my story and you can judge me if you want. I refuse to censor myself, but I will be  leaving some of  the details out….**


After the February drill Jerk-Boy and I started to plan a Valentine’s date. Valentines was on a Saturday that year. We were going to meet in a town halfway between mine and his.  I called around for a hotel room, and did a search for restaurants and movies. It seemed like we both wanted to spend some quality time together. But the whole time I was planning this ‘romantic getaway’ all I could think about was Jason.  I was starting to feel really guilty. The guilt left very quickly when the day before Valentines I got a call from Jerk-Boy himself and canceled on me. He said he had an emergency drill to attend that weekend.  You would think I would have been miserable. I was. I was miserable that I was home alone and I knew Jason was going out with La Femme Nikita. I called him Saturday afternoon. I had some dumb excuse about a concert that was coming up and I wanted information about it.  I had no plans at all on going, but my friend convinced me it was a prefect reason to call. I couldn’t tell by his voice if he was glad I called or if I was just some kid bugging him while he was busy.  I did learn that yes indeed he was still planning on spending the evening with La Femme. He asked why I wasn’t with Jerk-boy, and I explained it and tried to play it off. The whole conversation lasted no more than 10 minutes. And it made my day oh so much more miserable. So I did what everyone does when they are miserable. I went to a party and got drunk. I was drunk and watched a whole lot of Nine Inch Nails videos.  That is not a combination I would suggest doing. Ugh.   I also cried a lot.  I hated that La Femme. I hated her a lot.


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