When we  moved here we quickly realized we didn’t have as much kitchen storage as we had in the old house.  I guess we traded kitchen space for 300 sq ft more  all around.  Hmmm.  Well anyways we went to Walmart and bought this little cart.
It serves it’s purpose, but it’s rather plain, but I do my best. It matches our boring cabnets perfectly so no big deal.
Well we recently get rid of our computer desk because we no longer have a desktop computer. We also turned that room into Bam’s room. We still had the issue of our printer, scanner, modem, and all that other computer paraphernalia. It has been sitting a on book shelf in out bedroom looking a little weird.  Jason and I got to thinking that we need a little ‘station’ for all that stuff.  That little cart seemed like the best the choice. So after some measuring and price shopping we decided to get another cart.  But the really boring color might work for the kitchen, but it will not match the pretty theme I’m working on in the bedroom. My bed set  is a dark wood. So we got crafty!  We bought a second cart and Jason painted it black. I helped sand, but I mostly just watched. That’s what I’m best at.  100_3910

It has a little bit of the worn look and I like that. There was a drawer piece that was broken so we have to call that number to get a replacement piece, but you get the gist of it. We choose not to put the wheels on, but to put little gliders on instead.  We are so excited to how nice it looks, and so different!  I love it!



2 thoughts on “Cart

  1. Way to go! I didn’t realize you were so crafty. We have a cart that is similar. We might consider painting ours black too, if you don’t mind.

  2. You should Amy. It is so pretty! Jason moved it into the bedroom yesterday, and I loe it. SOOO much better than a bookshelf!

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