Five year olds say funny things.


As I posted in my last entry, I love my boys stages that they have went through.  I love how their stages have been different, as their birth order is obviously different. Let me just say that the Bam cracks me up on a daily bases.  Now Fred has his moments, but he is mostly a pretty serious person. Bam is not.  It’s all about the laughs with him.  This suits me fine as I am the same way. He is past the small toddler stage is ‘showing off’. You know that cute little stage where he KNOWS he has the rooms attention, and does little cutesy things. His antics have a little more depth now. As much depth as a 5 your old can have I guess! He tries to be serious sometimes, but it just comes off as humorous to me. I have some examples.

Example one:

We have been talking about Halloween lately and what we are dressing up as. He will be a firefighter, the costume is already purchased. So all of our conversations are about next year. He came out of him room dressed in a white turtleneck and black sweats. 

He walked up to me and said “Hey Mommy, maybe next year I can dress up as a cologne trooper.”
Me: What?
Bam: A cologne trooper.
Me: What?
Me: WHAT in the world is a cologne trooper?
Bam:  A cologne trooper, like Star Wars.
Me:  HAHAHAHAHA, you mean a CLONE Trooper, sure I guess.
Bam: Ugh, that’s what I said, a cologne trooper, see I’m black and white.

I didn’t hear what he said next because I was laughing to loudly while looking for Jason to have him hear the idea about a cologne trooper!!!!

Example two:

While working on sight word flash cards.  I love flash cards by the way.

Me: What’s that word?
Bam: wwww – eeeee.  We
Me: Very good!
Bam: Hmmm It’s also spelled W-i-i, that spells ‘we’ too.

Example three:

Last week was Red Ribbon week, and we all know how the schools think of fun little ways for the kids to do something different every day of that week. Our school has uniforms, so any chance to wear something different is exciting. Especially for a Kindergartner! So one day was sweatpants day. They got to wear their sweatpants with their uniform shirt. It was cool.  So Bam got up that morning and put his sweats on and came out and proudly said, “I’m ready to sweat out the drugs!” YIKES! That got my attention!!  My little guy was going to rehab!?!?!  I read the paper from school thinking no one is that naive to put ‘sweat out the drugs’. I was right, it was Sweat out Drugs, where he got the ‘The’ from, I don’t know, but what a difference one little sight word makes!!!


He is so precious.  I think I’ll keep him.


2 thoughts on “Five year olds say funny things.

  1. I have three kids of my own. One of my biggest joys watching them all grow in their own ways. Even the “phases” they have all gone through have had their own personal touch to it. One of favorites though was when my middle daughter ran up to her father and stated: “It’s an elafanini” A half hour later my husband figured out she meant an “elephant” Her reply was “That’s what I said! An elafanini!”

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