A little Update.

The other day I posted about that a wreck I was over a little Sesame Street video, and how my boys are going to grow out of it….. yeah I was a mess.

Well Jason dropped the boys off at my work today as he was headed off to work.  I had a meeting with our children’s pastor right after work we went straight there.  As we were driving to the church it was pretty quiet, and all of a sudden,

Bam says, “Mommy, your sparkly lady who sing 1,2,3,4 was on Sesame Street today.” 
Fred: “Yeah, the blue sparkle lady, but she wasn’t blue, she was regular.” 
Me:  “Oh Yeah it was on today?  I saw it on You Tube the other day.” 
Fred: “Everything is on You Tube!”

Then the conversation went on to tell me the entire storyline of today’s show.  Fred and Bam took turns telling me what happened and who said what, and that the letter was ‘L’ and of course the number was ‘4’.  And once again I was reminded that they are still my little boys……. for a little while longer any ways.


By the way, if you’ve seen the Fiest video, she’s wearing a blue sparkly pant suit.  She pulls it off WAY better than I EVER could!!!!


***Edited to add a conversation I just heard the boys have.***

They were playing ‘guys’ in their room and their guys got a little roudy… I think there was a car accident. You can never tell, those guys are always up to someting. Fred’s guy told Bam’s guy…..  “Ohhh I’m hurt.”  Bam’s Guy: “Do you have any health insurance?”  I didn’t hear anything after than because I was to busy hiding my laughter!!


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