I Quit!

We are in a small group at our church.   I think that’s just fancy talk for a group of people who get together for a bible study.   Well anyways, we had a game night with our small group last night.  As usual we shooed the kids outside to play. Us adults were just sitting down to play some games, when the host’s son came running in crying.  We’ll call him ‘Justin’.  His mom looked him over and decided he needed to go to the ER, he had split his chin open.  I was headed to the back door to see what part my kids might have had in allof this.  As I came up to the kitchen, Fred came into the house with a very dazed look and he was covered in blood. The kids had been running through the sprinkler, so him being wet just made the blood seem…. um more.  He had both hands on his head and he said his head hurt.  Uhhh, ya think??   One look at his head told me we needed to get to the ER.  So after a shoe search and some ice we were off.  We are no stranger to the ER.   Fred got 4 staples and Justin got 5 stitches.  This takes the stitches/staples count in this house 23. That’s a whole lotta stitching!  We just paid off Bams tonsils, Bam’s tonsil surgery was right after we had paid off Fred’s cast and that happened right after we paid off Bam’s staples!!!!   AGH, so I’ve decided NOT to pay for this new injury.  That should work right???


5 thoughts on “I Quit!

  1. Here is a new tactic…tie your boys up and make them sit on the couch…then maybe they won’t get hurt! Poor guy! He just wanted something to show off at school next week! Hope you are having a great day! Today is my first day with Ruthie and Noel!

  2. And people say girls cost more. This may just disspell that myth! I am glad he’s okay. Now you can say to him and be right “What are you thinking? Do you have a hole in your head?” At least your kiddo won’t have a visible scar. I would have loved to hear you explain the injuries to the triage nurse with both boys there.

  3. I wonder if the hospital takes direct deposit.. we’ll just have Jason’s paycheck sent directly to the hospital. *sigh*

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