Ok, so I like to read Katie’s blog. She is the little sister of another friend of mine, Kara.  She recently blogged about her biggest influences in music. I love music. I also love Feist, so I had to click on the link she provided. I was ill-prepared for what I was about to watch! I have been watching Sesame Street for the last 8 years and I love Sesame Street. I love how my boys have become zombies to this show. I love how they giggle over the silliness. I love how they break into song over the ABC’s and counting. I love how they try to guess what the number and letter of the day will be. I love how they think of the puppets as real people. While pregnant with Bam, we took Fred to Sesame Street Live. Fred was swallowed into the storyline.  It was awesome. He was quite frightened of Oscar the Grouch though. As I clicked on the link and the clip began to play I smiled, amazed, how imaginative those Sesame Street fellows are. And then, I burst into tears.  Like a baby. Now it’s all over. My baby is going to Kindergarten and I won’t be watching it anymore. Maybe I can slip in a show here or there when there is no school, but I know that them wanting to watch, and them initiating it won’t be happening anymore. Fred already vocalizes how much of a baby show it is while he sits to watch, but his attention isn’t really there like it ued to be.  I know they are growing up, and Sesame Street is a baby show, but I find it’s the little things that are getting me, not the big obvious things like starting school or riding a bike with no training wheels, it’s things like watching a Sesame Street clip.


There must be something wrong with me!!!


3 thoughts on “Emotions

  1. Nothing is wrong with you. It is actually all right. I read about this in the job description for being a mom. You are an outstanding mom! That stuff was rated as being a great mom in the job description! Good job raising such great young men!

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