I’m fairly certain…

.. that I’m going to suffer serious heart problems over the Olympics this year.  I don’t know which sport is going to be the final straw though. Beach volleyball? GOOD!  Indoor volleyball? GOOD!  Gymnastics? GOOD!  Track? GOOD! Swimming? GREAT!  Ohhhh it is all so good.  I LOVE the summer Olympics.


My only complaint, besides the heart attack, I’m horribly sleep derived.  *sigh* It is so worth it!


3 thoughts on “I’m fairly certain…

  1. Oh my, I am soooooo there!!! I am bleary eyed and tired. Sleep will return at the end of it all. The Olympics are so worth every moment. I thoroughly enjoy the Olympics! Go USA!

  2. I hear ya! I never really watched beach volleyball before, but I am hooked this year. Very exciting. I’m watching it as I type even…yeah! They just won the Gold!!!!! Ok I can go to bed now.

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