Aug 15, 2008

After a nice week of rest, that was greatly needed, I jumped feet first into this week.  School is getting closer and I have a lot of things that need to be done.  Mostly things that I have put off.  The most important thing: Get a job.  This was causing some stress in my life that I really could do without. I was excited with the possibility to clean the nursery again, but I would have had to do a little subbing on the side to make ends meet. And I didn’t want to get bored.  With both boys in school all day I need to stay busy… keep my brain busy. So Sunday after whining talking to a good friend of mine about not having a job and needing one, my friend, who just happens to be a principal at a local christian school, told me they are looking for subs and kitchen aides.  So Monday was spent agonizing over the application. Ohh how I despise essay questions!!!   But I did it and turned it in.  And then the waiting began.  I heard nothing all Tuesday morning so after lunch I called, you know to annoy the heck out of people. Obviously they were one step ahead of me so I left a message and started to think of ways to keep my mind occupied.  So I started my spring cleaning.  I tend to do this a lot.  It keeps my mind from wandering too far off. Wednesday was a full day of PTO meetings.  Planning the school year activities and what-not.   I got the call during lunch.  I’m sure I didn’t hear the next 20 minutes for discussion! I was so excited about my interview! Then 21 minutes later the reality set in, and so did my nerves!  Luckily our school PTO is filled with wonderful Christian ladies, and I know that if I asked they would pray for me, so I asked.  I am so glad I had the whole day planned with meetings and such. It was great to have that distraction.  Thursday morning came and so did 9:00, the time of my interview. I went in and sat down. I waited for it to begin, but instead that lady started showing me around, giving me a tour. We talked, and it was a comfortable conversation. She told me my schedule and pay, then she paused and say ‘that is if you want the job’.  I was on cloud nine!  I was wondering when the actual interview was going to begin.  It never did. So I guess I’m officially a lunch lady!  Yippeee!  The schedule is perfect. I’ll have work everyday, but still enough time to get some things done while the boys are at school. I’ll even have time to go help at school.  I could not have imagined it being better.  We all need aPTO staff praying for us!!


9 thoughts on “Aug 15, 2008

  1. Dear Wife2Jason,
    Good luck on the job front. I too am looking for employment. It’s fund isn’t it?
    Wishing you every good thing. I love your blog!

  2. Wahoo! That is wonderful. I love how we often trouble our selves fretting and God has our needs met. I am glad that your PTO is a support and praying people. Congratulations!

  3. BTW – When I said “I love how we” please read that with a sarcastic tone. I don’t really love how we do that, I find it ironic that we routinely fret and God has already cared for the concern.

  4. HI – PTO mom here! I am so excited for YOU!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! God is so good.

    I also had a job interview today at the Rec Center. Please pray for me, cuz I know the influence PTO moms have with GOD. (kidding!)

    So what are you hours?

    Debbi Busack

  5. Thank you ALL for your well wishes! Debbi, I’ve been praying for you, let us all know as soon as you hear anything!

  6. Gotta tell ya, Jackie, I really like seeing you in the hallway. Sure makes the place more comfortable for me! Maybe one of these times we can chat for a minute! 😉

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