Random Randomness

This past week was a weird one.  It crawled by slowly, as it flew by.  How is that possible?  The wonderful lazy days of summer are starting to blend with the business of the school year approaching.  Our school starts a little late this year, so I was hoping to get a few more weeks out of the lazy part of summer.  But add in another little one going to school, PTO planning meetings to plan,  wondering where I’m going to work once school starts,  10 year high school reunions, and 6 year old nephew’s birthday parties to attend. It’s all a little to crazy for a mind to handle!   But luckily God knows I’m to delicate to handle all of this, so at least he helped the planning along!  Lets break this down..
1) The kids wear uniforms so clothes shopping is unnecessary, and supplies were purchased a few weeks ago.
2) PTO president needed to reschedule so it looks like we won’t be leaving town for our retreat after all…. plan for one afternoon instead… huge relief for someone who hates to leave the family.
3) Looks like  my church is needing someone to clean the nursery again. I’ve done it in the  past, I think I can manage doing it in the future too! Major releif to our bank account.
4)  The birthday party and Reunion ended up being on the same weekend so I didn’t have to choose which one to attend. That would have been hard for me to choose.

Isn’t God cool? He know exactly what you need at exactly the right time.  Now if I would only listen more often. 

And ofter a hectic week, this is how we are starting this one:

Painting in our underpants, wile their mother does this….

I have to finish these so I can go get Breaking Dawn that came out this weekend.


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