Tag… I’m it!

Well I was kinda tagged. I was tagged to do it a LONG time ago, but I finally got around to doing it today when I saw it on another blog.

So here it is….

This is a photo tag. You have to take photos of these 10 photos as they are right now. (not cleaned, scrubbed Do not PIMP your house!)

1) The Kitchen Sink

Water splatters and all.
2) The Fridge

I’ve never been very good with fridge organizing. Can you tell.

3) Laundry Room

Ugh, this looks really bad!!!  My Bible is still on the
drier from Sunday.  I need to move that NOW!


4) Kids

Uhhmmm, that’s the same thing they are still doing,
and had already been doing for over an hour….
Shh don’t tell!

5) Favorite Room

The memories that are made in this small living
room are more precious than diamonds and gold.

6) Favorite Shoe

No such thing!!! See the shoes by the door!! LOL

7) Closet

Ok, this one is kinda embarrassing. I usually sort
my closet, by Jason’s shirt sleeve length, then pants
and then my pants and my shirt sleeves, BUT I’ve been
very lazy lately and now I have this to show for it.
PLEASE forgive me!!!!!

8) Dream Vacation

Right now this is the most inviting place I can think of!!!

9) Self Portrait

That looks exactly like me, but I’m a little skinnier. 😉

10) And the Scariest… The Toilet!!!

Girly products and all!!! LOL


Ok so that wasn’t so bad, even though I now realize how much my house really needs cleaning and organizing. I’m tagging all you Bethel Babes!! 🙂


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