Little Swimmers

Today was the last day of instructional swimming lessons.   Tomorrow is just a fun play day.  The boys have been waiting for this day for two LONG weeks!  I just have to say that they have both learned a lot in two little weeks.  Fred is now treading water, and Bam is now putting his face in the water. Actually Bam is getting IN the water, and not just on the top step. That is a big move for him.  The other day was Fred’s diving board day, and today was Bam’s.  I’m proud of both of them, and was a little jealous of all the fun they had!

Fred doing his warm up bobs. This is the funniest picture!

Fred jumped before I got my camera ready, but he had a good splash.. he did a flip, and then was ‘talked to’ about not during swim lessons! Uhh oh.

Bam tells the teacher that he doesn’t need him to hold his hands. HE can do it him self!

So he did.

This is a MAJOR improvement from clinging to the top step.

Now we need to go to the pool more to put these lessons to work!


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