July 8th…

is the day that Jason’s mom gave birth to my husband!   Doesn’t that sound weird!  

Twenty-five  Thirty-six years ago Jason was a teensy little baby.  I would love to know what he looked like, but I’m afraid the first picture we have of him is approximately 13 months old. 

We have very few picture of him until he joined the army and bought his own camera.  The few pictures we do have are ones that his grandmother has sent us over the years. She was sent them by his mother whenshe could afford school photo’s.  Even the info about his birth is very scattered and incomplete.  Bless her heart, but his mom isn’t the most organized person.  She was going through some stressful things when Jason was born, so I guess that explains that lack of memory… I guess.

BUT all of that aside, I think he’s a super great guy now.  He’s a wonderful provider for our family, he’s an awesome dad, a rockin’ husband, and my best friend.  I might not know what he looked like as the teeny tiny baby, but I can look at him now and count my blessings!!!   And remind him how many years away he REALLY is from 25!!



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