A Love Story–Part 4

By the time drill rolled around on the first weekend of February, Jason and I had be emailing a lot.  I was starting to open up to him about everything from my unhappiness with Jerk Boy, and my antsiness to graduate and move on.  He was starting to open up to.  I was drifting away from some of my friends that I had been friends with for years and years. I just no longer had the desire to follow those same footsteps anymore. I thought it was all a little juvenileand boring. It was so easy to talk to someone and get it all out when you didn’t have to look at him. And to have him understand what I was talking about. It was all to wonderful to have a confidant.  As I drove to drill in February I went to Jerk Boys house first.  It turned into a replica of past visits. Me having to hunt him down, and then spending enough time with him for HIM to be satisfied and them me leaving. If I didn’t want to be a part of the satisfaction activities, things would get a little rough. It was very degrading, so why did I keep going back?  I still have to ask myself that.  I have no idea. 

After the first night of drill, which turned out to only be an hour,  Jason asked if I wanted to go to the mall with him.  He said La Femme Nikita had other plans, and me staying in my barracks all night would be to boring. He was right. My little room in that big creaky building, that is meant to hold 40-50 people, but was currently housing 2-3 was boring… and scary!  So he waited down in his car as I went to change, and off to a night on the town!  Well not really.  We stopped by his place so he could change.  I felt so awkward in his apartment. It was a teeny tiny college apartment.  But it was his.  My heart was beating so hard, I’m sure he could hear it back in his room while I was still on the couch in the living room.  I couldn’t believe I was in his house.  I was drinking in everything, trying to memorize it all. From the pictures on the wall to the smell. It smelled like him. So good.  And the computer in the corner, the one he used during the month to talk with me. I don’t know why that struck me, but I knew at that point, there was no denying it, no going back.  I was sure I more than liked this person.

We went to Burger King for dinner that night.  I got a kids meal and Jason laughed at me. But I couldn’t justify eating to much or paying more for the same thing.   The toy was a Mr Potato spin top.  I was sure we would be asked to leave after we started to play with it on the table of the restaurant. We were being so loud and crazy. But we were finally having fun. It was so nice.  After we tired of the Mr. Potato we headed of to the mall. We walked through and through and through.  We must have walked down the same halls 4 or 5 times. Talking and talking.  After we got bored of that Jason decided he would take me for a drive.  Of course I didn’t turn him down. He showed me some of the touristy spots. It was difficult because it had gotten dark while we were at the mall.  So after a while he drove me back to my barracks.  I remember as I climbed into to bed that night that it was going to be hard to fall asleep. I was right.


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