Getting ready for Vacation

When I hear the word vacation, I think lazy times ahead. I eagerly look forward to it.   When I was younger we never went on vacation.  My dad was a farmer, and cows and crops simply don’t take breaks.  Then as I got older and we moved off the farm, the factory my dad worked at didn’t take breaks either. If it did, he would work the maintenance crew for the opportunity to continue feeding his family. I always had this visual, this idea on what a vacation was all about.  It was all in my imagination, seeing as I had nothing to compare it to.  After Jason and I were married, we had to wait until the following spring break -9 whole months- before we were able to go on our honeymoon. We went to the Oregon coast, my first time to ever see the ocean. It was wonderful. We had so much fun. I look back on that time alone with such fondness. The carefree vibe it had, the time to connect with each other that normal everday life chokes out. No plans except the spur of the moment idea. I loved every minute of those 3 days.

We are getting ready to leave for our 2008 vacation.  I’m jealous of our honeymoon right now.  10 years (minus 9 months, of course!) we loaded up our car one afternoon and took off. We planned it the day before.  There were no lists, no budgeting, no shopping for weeks before hand to get everything we needed, no Rubbermaid’s for storage. No anything.  Just two backpacks, and two sleeping bags. And two young smiling faces dying to get away together.  We don’t leave for another week, and we already have 4 or 5 different lists.  I’ve been budgeting in our needs into the grocery bill for the last couple of weeks to get everything we need without having to file bankruptcy.  I keep having to point out the highlighted day on the calendar to 2 little boys… one of which knows perfectly well how to read a calendar.  I normally have a pretty high stress level. It takes a lot to really start wearing me down.  This planning is really starting to wear me down!  But I got to thinking.  I don’t think it’s the planning. I think it’s the wanting to leave. I catch myself looking at the calendar along side the boys. The itch to sratch it and just leave now. Throw the stupid lists in the trash recycle, hop in the car and go.  Lists are for the birds anyways.  I know that all we really need are 4 backpacks, 4 sleeping bags and 4 smiling faces dying to get away together to have a really great time.


3 thoughts on “Getting ready for Vacation

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  2. Hey, thanks for the link! Lists ROCK! I was wondering how your getting prepared was going, thanks for blogging it. I hope you have a blessed time! And don’t forget your lists!!!

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