Father’s Day

So yesterday was father’s day.  I always wonder if we are weird in this house as father’s day, as well as mother’s day, isn’t really a huge deal in our house.  We honor our parents on that day, but I expect nothing from Jason, and he expects nothing from me.  As the mother to his children, and not to him, I help the boys pick out a gift, pay and wrap it for them.  Jason is not my father, but the father to my GORGEOUS boys.  I help them prepare, but all the glory is theirs to give. I would hate to take away from them being able to honor their daddy, like I always got to honor mine.

And speaking of mine,  my dad is awesome.  I would go as far to say my dad is the best.  I’m sorry to tell you that.  He is better than yours.  My dad is a very quiet person, but his presence is always known.  If you love to laugh,then listen up, because he always has a joke. You would hate to miss something he says. He took every little silly gift we gave him and oohed and awed over it… even if it did end up in the garbage a few days later. We knew he loved it. He still has a key chain that I bought him 15 years ago, tucked away in his top drawer. It is still in the original box that it came in. I saved up my paper route money to buy him something nice. Something he would never get himself. I saw it at the mall in the window ofa jewelry store. It was a sterling silver tag with the dimond cut word’s ‘#1 Dad’ written on it. He put it in the top drawer that night, where it has stayed ever since. At first I was a little hurt, and when I asked him about it he told me that it was very special and that everyday use would wear it down and make it ugly, and the fact that he might lose it at work was enough to pacify me. He loved it so much he wanted to keep it safe. Now at 29 years later, I can giggle and realize that while I still think it’s pretty, that is exactly the point. It’s pretty. My dad doesn’t really make a habit of carting around ‘pretty’ things!  He could have quietly given it to goodwill or someone else, but he hasn’t. He has kept it. For 15 years. I’ve had a lot of people tell me recently that it must suck to have a birthday that is overshadowed by Father’s Day, but I disagree.  I love that I get to share that special day and that special bond with my dad.  It really is difficult to put into words how much I love my birthday a little more every seventh year.  And it’s all because I get to share it with Daddy.





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