Ahhh sweet summer

I’m so glad summer is finally here. I get to sleep in…. about 1/2 hour longer than I did before. I don’t have to get dressed immediately, unless I slummed it up and took Fred to school in my pj’s, which I did on more than one occasion…. don’t judge, you’ve done it to, I know you have. I love the freedom of no schedule, but MY schedule.  That’s about where the gladness ends.  We have spent more days than I’d like to admit gazing out the window at pouring rain, or attempting a scooter ride in mach 5 winds.   It is raining as I type this.  Oh and our other favorite activity, staring at our car that we can’t afford to fill up and dreamingof all the places she used to take us whenever we have the itch to drive off and remind ourselves of the schedule we left behind in the school yard. So instead, my kids are getting their 20 minutes of reading in for the Summer Reading Program at the Library, they are getting very good at Uno, and they are mastering the art of whining.  They are going to win gold in the Olympics, just as soon as they add whining to their list of sports.  (I hope it gets added to the summer Olympics because 1. kids whine better in the summer, and 2. the summer Olympics are better.)  So I guess to sum it up, we are getting really tired of doing our winter activities during summer break!!!!   Come on nicer weather, come to Idaho….. but not scalding weather, you can stay were you are.


**Edited to add**  It was nice enough on the day we went to the local arcade/go-cart track to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Jason and I standing in front of a judge, promising to love and honor and cherish each other for all of time. So far we’ve held good on that promise.


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