Butt bruises, Deer bones, Thunderstorms, and …………….

This weekend a group of us girls went up to the mountains to ‘camp’. And by camp I mean stay in a cabin with heat and plumbing. It was difficult to rough it so much. 
This is about as much nature as we saw, and this picture was taken through a window….

 But as rough as it was it was so fun. I am always amused that a group of ladies can go from topic A to topic Z, and have wrapped back around to topic F in approximately 10 minutes. I am amazed that God made women so much differently then men.  I love my family more than I probably should, but I do enjoy the occasional get a way. That God made us to need that contact with other women and the need to just sit and chat and laugh with them for a day or two and to be completely refreshed is wonderful. I know that if Jason was in that situation he would come home needing to dig a hole and live there for a week or two!

I was a little worried to leave, as Jason was sick when I left. I had no way to call him to check in with him, but he woke up Saturday morning feeling a lot better. We are both pretty sure he had a mild ear infection that cleared upon it’s own. Which is good considering he was pretty sick. He and the boys ended up having a wonderful weekend. Four of us girls got up to the cabin earlier Friday afternoon and we sat out in the sun by the river and just chatted until a few others showed up and we went out to dinner. The rest of the girls showed up and the rest of the night was just spend sitting around the large living room laughing and talking… in that order! Well I would say that’s how the rest of the weekend went, except for the little walk we thought we would take Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful spring day up in the mountains of Idaho. The air was cool, and refreshing. We were going to walk to where the creek came down the mountain.  Halfway there it started sprinkling. We decided that since we had already come so far it would be silly to turn around, because as soon as we did it would just stop.  So we pushed on. I mean it was just a little stroll, not a marathon!  Well it was not a quick little mountain sprinkle. It was a great big mountain thunderstorm, with big fat rain drops that turned into hard hurt-y hails!!!   Yeah we decided to turn around. But not before we were completely soaked and cold.  But luckily it wasn’t freezing. Just slightly uncomfortable cold.  But as we rounded a bend and angle of God was coming up the road in Barbies Tahoe!  Not the doll Barbie, the cool Barbie who drives a Tahoe big enough to fit us all in! We were stuffed and shoved in, but it was dry and warm and moving faster than we could!!!  And just as we thought, it stopped raining as soon as we got home. 

If that shirt was one shade lighter it would have been scary up in them mountains!!!

So after we were all dried off and changed, it was a little more of the same, good snacks and good talking. You know with the ladies knowing about topics A-Z, there is never a lacking for some yacking.  Some haircuts and coloring happened, some Wii happened, some marshmallow roastin’ happened, and also some talking about Jesus happened. Sunday morning came along and it was time to clean up and pack up. I had a great time reconnecting to some great ladies and getting to know a new friend.  I love my time with my friends, but I will still say my absolute favorite thing about a Ladies Weekend, is walking in my front door to 3 sets of arms welcoming me back home.   How I love that.



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