My Car

So today was the day that I got to take my rental back.  I very happily handed the keys over to the rental company, glad to have it off my hands.  The lot attendant drove me back down the road and I slid into the seat of my very own freshly rebuilt car!  I know that we shouldn’t be overly materialistic, but man I LOVE my car!!   I drove to Bam’s preschool to pick him up, and his stunned look was to funny when he saw the car. ‘Is that OUR car?’ he asked. I could only laugh. Off to my Dr’s appointment, another result of the accident. Parked in the pickup line at Fred’s school later in the day waiting for him to see the car, I couldn’t wait to see his reaction.  He rounded the corner running as fast as he could without getting in trouble, he saw us right away.  He hopped into the car, and as matter of factly as anyone could possibly get he simply states, “So we got the car back.” And then he laughed.   I love how they are so completely different, yet so similar.  How can this be? 


And for my public service of the month, I will let all of you who are looking for a new car my thoughts on the Chevy Uplander. It sucks, don’t buy it.   There you go, public service #14834.


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