A Love Story — Part 3

In December I joined the world of email. It was a joyous occasion, as emailing was still fairly new. At least to me and my school’s computer. I was glad to have a cheaper way to communicate with Jerk-boy. I was quickly realizing more and more that our relationship wouldn’t continue past graduation. I was all scheduled to ship off to AIT a few weeks after I graduated. I planned on saying good bye to Jerk-boy in June, and not looking back. But for some reason I kept the relationship going. If you could call it a relationship because he NEVER called me and NEVER wanted to spend time with me unless….. well you know. I was begining to hate our time together.

During the January drill our platoon leader wanted to make a contact list with emails. I was so excited because I had one to share, and wouldn’t you know, so did Jason. I gathered all the courage I had to ask Jason what his email address was. So we exchanged addresses, and on Tuesday when I got back to school I had an email from him. My heart stopped cold in my chest and my lungs forgot how to breath! I will never forget what that first email said, unless I get Alzheimer’s, and then I will probably forget. The subject read: ‘Testing’, and all the body said was ‘This is a test to see how well I can remember an email address.’ Pretty cute, ehh? I thought so. And that started my addiction to the computer and checking my email every single chance I got.


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