Still MIA… sorry!

This is what I’ve been dealing with lately……..


Not fun.  At all.   But everyone is OK.  Bam had a sore tummy, and I’m dealing with bruises and a very sore back.  Fred is just fine and I am so impressed with his ability t stand up and do what needs to be done in a crisis!!  Bam and I on the other hand cry during such moments.  LOL 

We were on our way to Fred’s soccer practice, driving down a road with a speed limit of 50 mph, which I was doing. The white car had a stop sign, which she did stop at, but didn’t see us so she pulled out into traffic. She did not get to far, as you can see.  You know when your mom always said to wear clean undies…. well I was, but I was decked out in my running clothes!  Nice and scuzzy looking on the side of the road waiting for Jason to come rescue me. I have 105 different excuses on why I can’t exercise, but ramming into a  car isn’t one of them. I now have 106 reasons to get out of exercising!!  I sooo wish I only had 105.


 My poor baby has some pretty extensive damage, but they are going to fix her!!  In the mean time I have a crappy rental that is roughly the size of a small aircraft carrier.  Seriously. But I’m not paying for it, and it’s getting me to where I need to be. So I won’t complain about that crappy crappy Titanic car.





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