A Love Story – Part 2

It would seem that when we met, Jason and I were instant friends. We were both new to our unit and platoon, so I think as the newbies and the youngest we just naturally fell into a friendship. We talked to each other about regular ‘going ons’, and about the people who we had drill with. The ones who annoyed us both and the ones we liked. He knew I had a boyfriend and I knew he had a girlfriend, whom I lovingly nicked named La Femme Nikita…. Don’t ask me why. (she was a bit of a feminist) That was about it on the conversations about that. I went home from that first drill, and as any good ‘teenage girl’ would do, I instantly started talking my mothers ear off about all I had done. I went to my friends house and told her all about my time. I told her about Jason and how nice he was, and that little thing that I couldn’t figure out. He was different. He had an air about him. Then it hit me, he had a napoleon complex! You could see in the way he carried himself, the way he walked, how he talked. He was about 3 inches shorter than me, but that didn’t matter much. I had a boyfriend, so I didn’t need to worry if he was my type. But that didn’t stop me from talking about him. After all we were friends now. Who doesn’t talk about their friends? During the next month Jerk Boy came to visit me, but complained the whole time. He just came for the day, he had to be back home. It was such an inconvenience to him to drive all that way just for a day visit. He thought it would make more sense for me to visit him when I had drill. We could meet in the city and spend the afternoon together before I had to be to the base. When the next drill came, he never made it to the city. In fact, when I had called him the day before, he told me he wouldn’t be making it. So I offered to drive all the way to his house to visit, after all it was only 45 minutes past the base. This became the drill. I would go to visit him. He did try to come down to visit one more time, but his tire blew out and he never made it all the way. I drove to get him and we sat in his car until his dad came with a spare. I looked forward to drills. They were like little vacations for me. I got to skip that Friday and the next Monday from school. The platoon Mom was very much that. She was someone who would listen and give advice. The older guys were like crazy uncles, that you love to laugh at. And Jason. He was always there. I knew deep down in my heart that I liked him, but, wouldn’t, or couldn’t admit it. I had a boyfriend and never could I hurt someone like that. Plus, he had a girlfriend too, and I was just a little high school girl…….


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