I was recently reminded (again) of how innocent my kids are.

We were at Target looking for Easter baskets. Bam Bam raced as fast as he could to the blue one. Bam loves all things blue. Fred on the other had was looking and looking for the right one.

Me: Fred just grab one.

Fred: I’m looking.

Me: Ok, but try to hurry.

Fred: *sigh* all right, I’ll get the pink one.

Me: Pink? Are you sure?

Fred: Well I was looking for a red one, but they don’t have red. Pink is made from red, so I’ll just get pink.

Me: *Laughing*!

I am totally ok with my son carring a pink easter basket because of his love for red.  But I was a little worried that someone might tease him, so I found a green basket with pink flowers. He was ok with that.   But then he saw the basket that was like a hollowed out soccer ball and wanted that. Only problem was that the green one was $.99, compared to the $10 soccer ball!!! Yikes! At least soccer balls beat out pink.  Which by the way, sping soccer is starting at the end of this month. Fred and Bam can NOT wait.


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