Gone Green?

I will admit to falling prey to some of the ways of the green living. We have switched every single light in our home to compact fluorescent light bulbs, we have a recycling center in our garage, and we don’t throw anything away that can and should be recycled.  We’ve always been bothered by frivolous waste, such as excessive clothing, home, car, etc. We try our hardest to be as responsible as we can be when it comes to taking care of this beautiful world that God made for us.

This being said, I think there comes a time when you have to draw a line.  As I was searching around different sites and blogs I ran across something very gross interesting.  Cloth toilet paper. No no no. This is awful!!! I can handle cloth diapers and baby wipes, but adult cloth toilet paper is just wrong!! All I can think of is the condition of my washing mashing after a load.  Pun intended??? 

I think I will stick with recycling our trash.  How about you?


3 thoughts on “Gone Green?

  1. Going green does not have to be extreme. From what I have read here, your life is as green as it can reasonably get. Now, if only I have the resolve to do what you have done.

  2. I agree with you leafless. I find reusable cloth T.P extreme! But if you think about it and if your going to go all the way, wouldn’t you put your waste in the compost instead of flushing?

    (That was a joke and I really hope no one is putting their human waste into a compost. Ewww.)

  3. I can actually see it for #1, but I could never do it for #2. I’ll bet it is a lot more comfortable on your bum, though. But yeah, the laundry…same reason I didn’t cloth diaper. I will, however, confess to using cloth menstrual pads. No, no–bear with me! They are infinitely more comfortable than the paper blends and they wash out totally clean. If you put them in the laundry shortly after using them (I only wear them at home and on the weekends–never to work), then it isn’t gross at all. I promise.

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