Even though I am mightily clever and pretty, I’m not smart enough to outwit a Hot Tamale. They  did not last 14 days as I had planned. They lasted 7.  Which if I have to be completely honest, surprised me VERY much. That any of those sweet pieces of heaven lasted in my home for more than 1 hour, is nothing short of a miracle!

Also, a quick little note. Lent has begun, and I realize I am not Catholic, so thank you for the reminder. My sister is Catholic, and last year I did Lent with her to feel it out and see what it was all about and I LOVED it. So this year are whole family has given something up. I have chosen to add on to what I did last year which was to not eat after 8:00pm and no T.V. after 10:00 pm. This year I am adding only 3 GOOD carbs, 1 fruit, and 1 under 100 cal. free food a day. Not so much giving up as taking on, I know this. All the boys… Jason included have given up XBox and Halo on the computer.  Maybe they don’t understand how long 40 days is!!!!  


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