Maybe it’ll get better?

Soccer is over so in my perfect pretend wold, I’m expecting everything to calm down a little. And well, if life has taught us anything….. it’s that my perfect pretend world is, well, pretend! 

OK so it’s not that bad.  I think I’m feeling a little better than I was earlier. I don’t know what comes over me sometimes. The overwhelming feeling is more than I can deal with sometimes.  Jason and I went out for breakfast last week. It was so nice to spend some time with him finally. I love that his sits so quietly and listens and then tells my what I need to hear.  How did I get so lucky? How is it that when I’m feeling so down and out of control, all he needs to do is hold my hand and suddenly nothing seems so bad anymore? So we have a game plan to slow us down a little. We don’t know if it’ll work out as well as it seems on  paper, but I think it’s worth the drive as long as I’ve got my 3 guys with me!

Now I need to do a search and find out how to get the dead shoe smell off the 7 y/o’s cast. That thing reeks!!!


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