So my baby started preschool today.  He hopped out of the car and started walking towards to stairs to the room and turned around.  I was quiet taken back to see the look in his eyes when he saw me and daddy following him.

Total suprise.

I think he thought I was going to just drop him off and go. Where, on God’s green Earth,  would he have gotten that idea, I don’t know. So together we walked up the stairs and into the classroom. He new exatly what to do. I was floored at his sudden independance! I’m guessing it has something to do with having a big brother. It has to!  So since I was so totally uneeded, I snapped a photo of him playing with his playdoh, and then realized my time was windling down. I would soon be obsolite.



Then Mr. Rubble and I went out to breakfast. Alone. For the first time in ages. There Mr. Rubble talked me off my windowsill, reassuring me that I was still needed afterall.  Then he joked, ‘It not by the kids, then by me.’ At first I gave him that look…. you know the one,  jeez, thanks for helping.  But then I realized it was a very sweet thing to say. His goofy, loving way of telling me we’ll make it thru the tough parenting trials of 2 boys, and come out on the other side still holding hands. He’s so sweet to me.

So I picked up Bam from preschool 2.5 hours later. He was still in one piece. He had made it through day one. He sat down and buckeled up, and said   “*Sigh* School was good Mommy. But it was to tiny. I need to go longer, like Brother.”

He’s to little, in that big boosterseat of his, to be thinking about growing up so fast.

I’m right, right?


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