Settling In

We are all moved in, and staring at the last remaining boxes, wondering if we really need what’s in them. I am so burned out on packing and moving and unpacking. It gets to the point where I don’t even have the energy to think about what to do next. But it’s almost done.

On my mind:

We got a puppy on my birthday. It was a charity case, where the dog was going to the pound and we felt the ‘call’ to save him.  We now realize what a mistake it was!  He is a terror! It constantly wants to bite our other dog, and Bam.  Poor little Bam. He cannot even walk past Puppy with out getting the evil eye, and occasionally a snippin’ at.  So the free puppy classifieds have been typed out and sent. I’m having a bigger problem with this than I thought I would. I’m not sad about it at all, as my loyalties are to my other dog, First Baby.  What I’m upset about, is that now I’m one of them. You know, those people who get a dog and are so excited and them find out that dogs take time and energy and love and blah blah blah…. and then they realize that they don’t want a dog. So off to the pound with you.  I know that this situation is different, we have a dog who is biting, but I worry about someone judging me.  Maybe this situation is supposed to be teaching me that I’m more judgmental than I realized, and I seeing myself through  MY eyes.   



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