Ugh.  How I hate moving. Being a professional procrastinator, this is the most painful thing in the world.  Luckily, the packing part is almost done. Mr. Rubble is not a packing procrastinator, but a go-get-it-done-and-over-with kinda guy. Yeah for me!  He’s wonderful motivation. Now when we get to the new house we will switch roles. I cannot live in a pile of boxes. Cannot!  I don’t understand the people who unpack their last box 3 years ofter they move. 3 weeks is about as much as I can take. If I can’t find a home for it, I don’t need it. Off to the good will with it.  I just got to thinking about this moving cycle, and I have realized it makes no sense at all. But that’s fitting isn’t it?  Most things don’t make sense.  I often wonder if I’m alone in my mixed up cycles?


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